International Students

Tuition for Grades 9-12


Application Fee Grades 9-12


Enrollment Fee Grades 9-12


Homestay Fee (if applicable)


  1. Family inquires about admissions and fills out the application and all additional admissions forms found here.
  2. Family turns in the additional required documents (see Application Checklist tab) along with the $75 non-refundable application fee made payable in U.S. dollars to Crossings Christian School.
  3. The Crossings Christian School admissions committee determines the eligibility of the student and notifies the applicant by letter or email informing them of their status.
  4. If possible, a phone or in-person interview is arranged with the student and parent/guardian to include discussion of possible living arrangements with a resident family.
  5. After the interview the school informs the family of their acceptance or non-acceptance. If accepted, the school then sends an official letter of acceptance and contract.
  6. The family returns the completed contract with required fees made payable in U.S. dollars to CCS informing the school of their enrollment.
  7. Upon receipt of the completed contract with required fees, the school fills out an I-20 form, submits it online, and then sends a signed original to the family.
  8. Once the family receives I-20 confirmation, they apply for an F-1 visa, and if issued, can now enter the U.S. as a student at CCS. Arrangements must be made at this time for medical insurance and the medical insurance form should be sent to the school.
  9. All international students must plan to arrive in the U.S. at least 10 days prior to school starting.
  10. If a student is not living with his/her parent the school reserves the right to determine the family with whom the student will live. No student will be permitted to live in an apartment or live on their own since not only is he/she in America to study, but also to integrate into American society and culture.
  1. Completed Application including all additional forms
  2. SLEP or TOEFL test scores verification document
  3. Copy of Passport and current Student Authorization (if available)
  4. All original plus officially translated copies of transcripts and/or report cards
  5. $75 (U.S. Dollars) application fee (non-refundable) payable to Crossings Christian School
  6. Guardianship/Custodial Documents (if applicable)
  7. Completed contract and financial responsibility forms once accepted
  8. Copy of Birth Certificate
  9. Copy of Immunization Records

Additional Notes

  1. Application fee and tuition can be paid by bank-transfer, money-order, or certified check. Please make checks or money-orders payable in U.S. dollars to: Crossings Christian School.
  2. Fees are subject to change.
  3. Financial arrangements for payment of tuition are to be made through the business office.
  4. Housing is not currently available through Crossings Christian School at this time. Those wishing to apply will need to obtain their own host homes.
  5. Our school year begins in mid-August and releases at the end of May. International students need to plan to be in attendance at school during these months.